Buffalo brings in iSCS

incorporating Internet SCSI into
its new line of storage devices,
TeraStation iSCSI and Tera-
Station iSCSI Rackmount.

The iSCSI protocol transports
simple SCSI storage commands
via standard TCP/IP networks.
The iSCSI targets give servers
the illusion that they are locally
attached disks directly accessible
by the operating system.
iSCSI targets can be located
anywhere on the network.

In addition, multiple iSCSI targets
can be consolidated into
one array, providing additional or
more redundant storage configurations.
This makes iSCSI an
option for server backup or
backup strategies involving
remote locations.

The new TeraStation iSCSI will
be available in pedestal and
rackmount styles, each in 1T, 2T
and 4T versions.

Both units feature four quickswap
7,200 RPM Serial
Advanced Technology
Attachment drives located
behind the screwless front bezel.

The TeraStation iSCSI features
an advanced Redundant Array
of Independent Disks system
with four RAID modes: RAID 0,
RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10.

The TeraStation iSCSI and
TeraStation iSCSI Rackmount
will be available in June.
Estimated retail prices range
from $999 to $2,499. http://www.buffalotech.com

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