NIST envisions 'thinking machine'

When is a word not a word? When it doesn't have a definition. When is a group not a group? When no one knows the members.

Paradoxes like these also must also be addressed in the technology world: Data classes must be created and relationships among data understood. Resolving such issues is the province of ontologists ' experts in word meaning and using appropriate words to build actionable machine commands . They have reached a concept agreement to create a technology system making it possible for programmers to build thinking machines that reason about complex problems.

The agreement was reached at the two-day Ontology Summit held during the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Interoperability Week last month. The summit was a joint initiative between NIST, the Ontolog virtual community of practice and National Center for Ontological Research.

, said, 'The Ontology Summit established the critical set of requirements and ground rules needed before we can begin serious construction of the repository,' said Steve Ray, NIST's manufacturing systems integration chief who hosted the meeting. 'It will save enormous amounts of time and money and facilitate new, complex systems in all sectors for manufacturing control, supply chain management and even biomedical management systems.'

Ontology is important for sharing and reusing information in addition to exploring relationships among data. It is used in many arenas, including artificial intelligence, software engineering, biomedical informatics and information architecture.

Ontologies can be used to answer queries, publish reusable knowledge bases, export data to other systems, search across databases, and facilitate interoperability across multiple, heterogeneous systems and databases.

The agreement calls for an electronic, scalable, open ontology repository containing diverse collections of concepts, such as dictionaries, compendiums of medical terminology and product classifications. The system would enable distinguishable, computable, reusable, and sharable information, including data, documents and services.

Ontologists envision users having the ability to search and query across and within the different ontology sections of the repository. Its information would range from conceptual domains and specific disciplines of communities to technical schema, such as Resource Description Framework, part of the World Wide Web Consortium's specifications originally designed as a metadata data model; the Web Ontology Language, a family of knowledge representation languages for authoring ontologies; and the Common Logic Framework for a family of logic languages intended to facilitate the exchange and transmission of knowledge in computer-based systems, in addition to standard Internet languages such as Extensible Markup Language.

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Sat, Jun 23, 2012 Sankaravelayudhan nandakumar Nagercoil,,India

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Fri, Apr 6, 2012 Snakravelayudhan Nandakumar Nagercoil,Tamailnadu,India

Sub:Chanting of mantras as acoustic intelligence into computers: I would like to add my grain of salt to the ongoing discussion on Gowers’s idea that computers may eventually replace mathematicians in some future. I don’t know what computers will be in the future and they may be able to do miraculous things, as in science fiction. I love science fiction, but I do not want to discuss it here. I do not want to speculate about quantum computing either. I assume that future computers will remain Von Neuman machines for a long time to come. They will be faster, have a bigger memory and they will be programmed differently. Experience shows that mathematical thinking is depending on the alternation of two kinds of activities. One is about developing a mental picture of the problem, an intuition of its nature. The other is about making a calculation, as in algebra or formal logic. The two activities are performed alternatively as in a dance. A calculation is guided by an intuition, and the intuition is confirmed or rejected by a calculation. Few mathematical progresses can be made by using intuitions or calculations alone. Computers are very good at computing and they can help us doing mathematics, like a pen and a piece of paper. But they have no intuition, no consciousness. They are mindless mechanical machines. I claim that we do not understand the nature of consciousness. Of course, we are making progress in studying the brain. But artificial intelligence seems to show that the brain does not need to be conscious to perform its tasks. So why the brain should produces consciousness? Consciousness is the blind spot of modern science. This I don’t agree. Consciousness of the brain is required to find out what is correct and what is wrong to let others live in happiness, which the artificial intelligence is lacking. Mainly we live on love and affection. This includes ESP powers and intuition required. Here enters the ashtama syddhis to make things out of nothing, the consciousness that makes things to be produced attaining everything by acoustic mantras which can be injected into computer partially as an experiment. Being consciousness brings out evolution of an evolution for higher thinking and achievement to attain the tranquility and happiness which should be the ultimate goal of happiness to merge with Nature god The Atman carry the evolutionary information afterdeath. .Any handycaps of human beings is also carried with the Atman as information. A man having a paralyzed leg as they enter into a body as a medium produces paralytic symptoms as medium entry; all these experiences can not be got by artificial intelligence. Sankaravelyudhan Nandakumar

Sat, Jun 18, 2011 sankraavelayudhan nandakumar Nagercoil,Taminadu,INDIA

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Thu, Jun 16, 2011 sankraavelayudhan nandakumar Nagercoil,Taminadu,INDIA

Computer will think as time reversible thinking machine: Citation: Phase conjugation by reversible tracking mirror –a future photography along the plane of space signal holograms and Neuron memory acting as a timer deciding the fate of humanbeings. This is with reference to time reversal holographic tracking an incident based on time –reversal mirror that can have substantial memory which may be one of old one. A possible reversible track camera will be in vented in future for criminal investigations. Using this information a delayed correction cloud is made in signals with reference to Raleigh and Brillion scattering requiring the tracking the scattered losses if any during any picture signaled compression losses. An important information on genetic plane that could be derived out of time reversal memory genes that back an information with reference to water affine genes inherited by W.T.Stead of Titanic ship who had cross at the end of travel line which acted as a timer tracking back a reversible genetic information for a forward future action in course of time. When Shri Sathyasai Bhabhaba was able to produce the picture of a smoking student to his guilty when he refused to accept that he had a smoking habit, he reproduced an old incident of smoking by bringing back a past photograph surprise to everyone.Altough a focusing is degraded after some time a negative frequency could applied to TRM (time reversible mirror) with reference to phase conjugation dynamics that will refocus regardless of complexity of medium. This focusing is base on both special and, recombining the multi-paths which is applicable in various adaptive communication systems. Sankaravelayudhan Nandkumar ,Astrogeneticist ,Oxford astrophysics ,sPace science scholar member Hubble investigating team Refrerence: 1)Effectivenesss of Nonlinear Optical loop mirrors in Dispersion –Manged Fiber communication Systems Compensate by chirped fiber Gratings with Group delay ripples. By Y.H.C Kwan and other members of the team. 2) [Incident: 110617-000010] 3)

Fri, Jun 10, 2011

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