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The Packet Rat

Michael Bechetti

For nearly 15 years, the Rat has mused in the third person on these pages.

A lot has come to pass in that time ' when he began, many of those he supplied with so-called information services didn't even have an e-mail address.

But now it's time for another change, as the wirebiter prepares to reinvent himself one more time. 'Old techies never die,' he told his wife as he sat down to scrawl one last missive for the print medium. 'They just go into consulting.'

'And old columnists never die,' Mrs. Rat said with a smirk. 'They just go online.'

Yes, it's true. After years of threatening, the cyberrodent is going totally electronic, taking his raw, unfiltered snark directly to the people.

Or at least to the three or four who will visit his blog at thepacketrat.com. Namely, his mom, dad, and ' mostly out of pity ' his wife.

'I'm sure the federal folks at Microsoft and Sun and Oracle are all just shaking in their boots thinking about the dozens of people who might be exposed to my ire,' the Rat reflected.

Certainly, the Rat has left many unkind words in his wake for various vendors of technology, along with a few for colleagues in government service. Now he'll be able to deliver those unkind words from his CrackBerry as he waits at the Metro stop.

'See,' he explained as he sipped coffee at the impromptu retirement party staged for him in the network operations center kitchenette, 'now I can alienate not just co-workers but potential future employers, all without the filter of someone who checks my spelling.'

'Oh, look!' he squealed as his CrackBerry chirped. 'I got a comment already on my census address list rant!'

As he fired off a reply on his Chiclet keyboard, everyone in the room edged a little farther away.

'It was me,' whispered his wife to one of his now-former co-workers. 'It really helps to encourage him. Otherwise, he keeps wanting to reconfigure my spam filters.'


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