IPv6: Waiting for early adopters

Last month, I asked readers to drop me a line at [email protected] to let me
know if their agencies are putting their brand-new IPv6-enabled
networks to use. The deadline for making backbones capable of
handling IPv6 packets was June 30. As of this writing, no one has
responded to tell me they are in use.

When she was asked recently how much interest her customers are
showing in IPv6, Verizon Federal Group President Susan Zeleniak
said, “Not a lot.”

That is not necessarily a problem. The Office of Management and
Budget requires agencies only to be ready for IPv6. It does not say
they have to use it. Apparently, there is not yet a compelling
reason for them to turn it on.

“What we’re not seeing is the killer app that is
requiring IPv6,” Zeleniak said. When that must-have tool
appears, the packets are likely to start passing. “We expect
the Defense Department will probably be the first adopter,”
she said.

So even if your agency is not yet using IPv6, what is your idea
of a killer application for the new protocol? If you have an idea
for an IPv6 application or tool that would make your life better,
your job easier or the government more efficient, tell me in an
e-mail how you’d like to see the new protocol used.

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.


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