New mini drive from Ridata

Advanced Media Inc. has announced the addition of the Ridata Single Layer Cell (SLC) 2.5-inch IDE Ultra-S to its Ridata solid state drive product lineup.

The IDE interface is pin-to-pin compatible and eliminates having to set the BIOS on installation. The Ridata SLC 2.5-inch IDE Ultra-S 16G and 32G are now available. The 64G version will arrive later this year.

The Ridata 2.5-inch Ultra-S IDE SSD drive is based on NAND flash technology. It has no moving parts, which makes it virtually silent, vibration resistant, run cooler and use less power than a regular hard disk drive, company officials said.

The Ridata SSD drive offers a sustained read speed of up to 50 Mbps and a sustained write speed of up to 45 Mbps, company officials said. Inherently resistant to vibration, shock and temperature extremes, the drive has more than 4 million hours mean time between failures, according to company officials.

Advanced Media President Harvey Liu said that the SLC solid state drive structure is ideal for ruggedized laptop or Linux users to replace hard drives with a storage IDE interface.

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