Macs look to the workplace

Sometimes it's hard to get the
respect you deserve in the
workplace. Just ask the Apple
Macintosh. Beloved to the
point of cult status by its admirers,
it gets no respect in the
enterprise environment dominated
by Wintel platforms.

To correct that imbalance, a
group of enterprise-class software
developers is launching a
new organization to help information
technology departments
integrate Macs into the
corporate environment. According
to early reports, the
Enterprise Mac Initiative is offering
its resources to help IT
staff identify the difficulties of
bringing Macs into the enterprise
and clarify misconceptions
about their ability to
work and play well with others
in the office.

The group is also touting the
interoperability of business-critical
enterprise tools that function
in the Windows and Mac
environments and help managers
handle both systems centrally
from a single platform.

So Apple makes computers
in addition to MP3 players
and cell phones? Who knew?

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.


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