Linux scales Glacier's Everest

Glacier Computer today announced that it was shipping the Everest industrial computer with two Linux options, either IGel or Fedora.

The Everest computer is commonly deployed in harsh environments that have extreme temperatures, vibration and shock. Typically, those computers are installed in industrial areas such as forklifts, dock doors, manufacturing floors and construction vehicles.

The Everest's full screen color display and touchscreen make full use of the Linux operating system, Glacier representatives said.

Adding Linux to the company's operating system offerings 'expands the flexibility and application potential of our Everest unit,' said Don Berch, sales manager of the company. Linux can be installed once with fewer upgrade needs, and the installation and management are completed with one action, he said.

The Everest now comes with a choice of Linux, Windows XP Pro and Embedded XP. All units come with an array of mounting bracket, power supply and keyboard options.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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