Cougar 6000 storage gateway

OnStor today launched the Cougar 6000 series network-attached storage gateway featuring networked storage that can scale up to 4 petabytes. Cougar features OnStor's EverScale redundant modular architecture, heterogeneous storage virtualization and advanced multi-core storage network processors.

Cougar also is energy-efficient, according to Liz Heiston, director of federal sales for OnStor. The product's energy consumption is between 100 and 680 watts, Heiston said, and offers three times the cooling efficiency of other storage systems, she added.

Cougar's EverScale systems architecture is a scalable redundant modular architecture that delivers massive, independent scalability of performance and capacity with high data availability and near-zero downtime, the company said.

Other features include:
  • Solid-state design
  • Multi-core, 64-bit pipelined network processor architecture
  • Multi-protocol file serving
  • 8-node cluster for high availability
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports

The Cougar 6000 series goes on sale today, starting at $122,500.

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