The gift of file recovery

Pandora opens the box on the latest version of its free data recovery program, Pandora Recovery Version 2.0.1. An expanded mobile version is also available, as is a licensed version for companies.

Pandora representatives say that the new version is true to its Greek etymology: 'Pan' meaning 'all' and 'doran' meaning 'gift.' Version 2.0.1 gives users the gift of file recovery, company officials added.

The upgraded program includes a much-requested feature: File Allocation Table support.

'Both FAT16 and FAT32 formatted drives are now supported in searches for lost data,' said Chris Graham, Pandora's chief software evangelist. 'This allows users to attempt recovery of files wiped out from digital camera cards, USB flash drives, [Windows 98] and older [Windows XP] hard drives.'

Other new features include support for automatic device insertion and removal detection. 'You can be running Recovery 2.0, connect in a new drive or device'such as a flash stick'to be searched, and it pops up right away,' Graham said. 'No need to close out of and restart the Recovery program, which you had to do in the past to recognize the newly inserted drive.'

Future updates will include features to help users recover deleted e-mail messages. 'That's on the list for sure,' said James Leasure, cofounder of Pandora.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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