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Emerson Network Power has unveiled the Liebert Challenger ITR, a compact cooling system for high-density computing environments.

The Challenger ITR's horizontal-flow unit can fit easily in network closets; it has capacity to cool up to 23 kilowatts or 33 kilowatts and can fit anywhere within the data center row where cooling is needed, according to the company. Its height of 91 inches allows it to be placed in computer rooms or network closets with low ceilings or hanging cables. The unit aligns with a row of racks, at a depth of 43 inches.

The unit's environmental control functions include reheating, dehumidifying, humidifying and filtering. Cooling configurations include air, water, glycol and chilled water. The unit's scroll compressor and microprocessor control system work together to operate at maximum energy efficiency, Emerson representatives said.

'The Liebert Challenger ITR is designed to deliver cooling where it's needed the most'in the row of dense rack equipment at the source of the heat'to enable data center managers to deploy their virtualized servers or VoIP capabilities without fear of downtime caused by overheating,' said Dave Larson, product manager for Emerson's Liebert Precision Cooling.

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