Most spammed states of the union

Spam accounted for 86 percent of all e-mail traffic in the United States in June, according to a report from MessageLabs, and users in Illinois had the dubious distinction of being the No. 1 recipient of spam in the fist six months of this year, the company said.

The top 10 most spammed states so far this year are literally all over the map, according to MessageLabs:
  • Illinois
  • South Dakota
  • Oregon
  • New Hampshire
  • Wisconsin
  • North Carolina
  • Indiana
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Alabama

The company offered no definitive reason why these states stand out but speculated that they 'may not place as high a priority on [information technology] security overall or employees and businesses may be more willing to share their personal contact information in public domains. When e-mail addresses are openly available, spammers take advantage of it.'

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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