PC repair in 25 seconds

Persystent Technologies spoke recently with Government Computer News about its automated PC Repair software that the company says can find and fix PC problems in 25 seconds.

'And we're the only solution today in the market that can manage and enforce the FDCC [Federal Desktop Core Configuration] mandate,' said Ken Fitzpatrick, Persystent's chief marketing officer, in reference to the Office Management and Budget's requirements for federal agencies to comply with a series of desktop PC configurations.

Sometimes a PC's performance is degraded by 'configuration drift,' which Fitzpatrick defined as debris collected from too many downloads and updates. 'We give them an icon, they press it, the machine reboots and within 25 seconds it's brought back to the 'gold' FDCC image.'

When Persystent software repairs a PC, it can restore the user's settings and profile, Fitzpatrick said.

Persystent software invokes the BIOS, so it works before Windows even starts up, Fitzpatrick said. It finds anomalies and repairs them by adding, deleting or modifying files within 25 seconds. 'And all of this is logged,' he said.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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