Ten rules for enterprise focus

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson, chief information officer for the Army/G-6, at a presentation at the LandWarNet conference Aug. 19, offered the rules he uses for taking an enterprise information technology approach. They are the same rules used by Gen. George Casey Jr., Army Chief of Staff, in his approach to advancing the Army as an enterprise. The rules are:
  • Decide what you want to accomplish and clearly articulate it.
  • Focus on outputs.
  • Challenge conventional wisdom and beware of sub-optimal consensus.
  • Get inside the requirements. Bust through the stovepipes to see what's really needed.
  • Weigh the benefits versus costs. Bang for the buck.
  • Take a holistic view. Good enough for all versus best for me.
  • Measure the right things to calibrate your achievement. We need cross silo metrics.
  • Look outside your experience for innovative ideas.
  • Maintain an offensive mindset. Be opportunistic. Look for ways to collaborate.
  • Leverage our great culture and educate the force.

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Wyatt Kash served as chief editor of GCN (October 2004 to August 2010) and also of Defense Systems (January 2009 to August 2010). He currently serves as Content Director and Editor at Large of 1105 Media.

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