Fujitsu Mag EraSure erases hard drives in a snap

Fujitsu Computer Products of America announced a new version of a secure degaussing product today that permanently erases magnetically recorded data on hard-disk drives and other storage devices.

Mag EraSure ME-P3 Version 2 erases magnetically recorded data in 15 seconds, three times faster than earlier versions, Fujitsu representatives said. The new version also supports VHS tape formats.

'Properly disposing of information is critical for government agencies and commercial organizations across all industries, especially since hackers can retrieve sensitive data from an HDD or backup tape embedded several layers down that might not have been deleted using conventional methods,' said Joel Hagberg, Fujitsu's vice president of marketing and business development.

Mag EraSure uses rare earth magnet technology to permanently degauss magnetically recorded information, Fujitsu said. Users can degauss hard-disk drives and other backup tapes at a rate of two to three per minute.

Fujitsu's Mag EraSure Me-P3 product portfolio meets Defense Department requirements for destroying magnetically recorded data, the company said. Version 2 is 30 percent smaller and 22 percent lighter than previous versions, Fujitsu said.

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