Microsoft's next-generation database plan

Microsoft is planning to enhance the business-intelligence (BI)
capabilities in the next version of its flagship SQL Server
database, the company has revealed, and outlined plans for a new
set of managed self-service analysis and reporting capabilities
that will be integrated into the next version of SQL Server.

The upgraded BI analysis and reporting capabilities will emerge
from a project codenamed "Gemini," and will be part of the upcoming
SQL Server "Kilimanjaro" release, according to, a
news Web site affiliated with Essentially, Gemini is a
bundle of easy-to-use tools designed to enable average information
workers gather and manipulate structured and unstructured data for
better business decisions.

"Project Gemini is going to do for BI what wikis and blogs have
done for creating content on the Web," said Kristina Kerr, senior
product manager in Microsoft's BI product group. "In the past, you
had to have specialized programming knowledge to create a Web site,
and there would be a few producers of content and everyone was a
consumer. That's the state of the nation right now for BI; there
are very few people who can produce that BI information, but
everyone ultimately is or wants to be a consumer. With this
announcement, we are shifting that paradigm and making it possible
for everyone to be a consumer and a producer."

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