Keep it simple, see?

John Flisher, information technology manager at the North
Carolina State Ports Authority, is a Cisco-certified engineer and
can handle complexity. However, Flisher likes to keep things simple
when possible, and that was one of his goals when he was looking
for a tool to protect his network's Web gateway.

'I was looking for an appliance,' something he could
just plug in and forget with no additional operating system to
manage, Flisher said. 'I didn't want a

Flisher chose the Webgate gateway appliance from Mi5 Networks
because it offered the security he was looking for in a box with a
good price that added a minimum of management overhead. He just had
to decide where to plug it into the network.

'It wasn't difficult,' Flisher said. 'It
was a learning experience.'

His advice on choosing a security gateway: 'Look for
simplicity,' and a company that provides support to minimize
any pain in setting it up.

'Simple is better, as long as it has all the features you

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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