Contemplating the PC after Windows

Microsoft has been pushing hard to sell Windows 7, the next
generation of its venerable operating system, as it becomes
increasingly clear businesses are passing on the most recent
version, Vista, and instead opting to downgrade to the older
Windows XP. In addition, Microsoft has decided to extend the period
in which it will make copies of Windows XP available to PC makers
to meet customer demand.

But the handwriting for the Windows OS already may be on wall,
according to InfoWorld, which reports that Windows 7 is just a
cleaned-up version of Vista with a couple new technologies thrown
in, such as the Surface-based multitouch capabilities and the
ability for developers to ribbon-bar-enable their own apps for
better consistency with Microsoft's new user interface

"If Windows 7 is [a polished version of Vista], then maybe it's
time to conclude that Windows is a technology dead-end," according
to InfoWorld, which added that Gartner Research had warned
Microsoft that Windows had to be radically redesigned or run the
risk of fading into irrelevancy.

So, what will succeed Windows? InfoWorld offers a host of possibilities.

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