New version of modeling tool

Alion Science and Technology has released a new version of Micro Saint Sharp, a software tool that lets users model and improve workflow processes.

The new version, MSS 3.0, employs an intuitive graphical user interface and flow chart approach to modeling, helping users answer 'what if?' questions and perform data analysis, Alion representatives said.

MSS users can view, edit and print data using a process diagram, tree view or grid view; debug models during execution; and export runtime-only simulations, the company said.

Users can view their models as network diagrams or 2D or 3D animations, the company said. Included with the gold version of MSS 3.0 is Alion's Animator 3D software, which lets users create a virtual environment with 3D moving images.

MSS 3.0 also comes with a large library of clip art and 3D objects. Users can build realistic, detailed scenes and create reusable models of their own. MSS 3.0 also can import and export Microsoft Visio drawings.

Thousands of MSS users are modeling processes that include hospital emergency room traffic, manufacturing floor operations and military manpower planning, said Sue Archer, Alion senior vice president and manager of the Operations Solutions Group.
'Any process that can be represented by a flow chart can easily be modeled using Micro Saint Sharp,' Archer said.

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