GCN Lab Review: Falcon SSG1.5k-1T


Take the heat: The SSG1.5k-1T is a UPS that works great in normal temperatures, and can run better and longer than most when the heat is on.

THE FALCON SSG1.5K-1T UPS can complete the foundation of a
rugged office. At 55 pounds, you won't be tossing it into a
bag to take with you, but it can provide reliable backup power for
static offices in locations where the power is unreliable and air
conditioning is unavailable.

We put our test SSG1.5k- 1T into a heat chamber and began baking
it at 131 degrees Fahrenheit for 48 hours. At the end of that timed
test but while it was still in the oven-like chamber, we triggered
a power failure. The SSG1.5k-1T was able to provide power for three
servers sitting outside the chamber for eight minutes, which was
more than enough time for the automatic shutdown software to
activate and safely power them down. This was the identical time
recorded in the same test in a normal office temperature of 72

Falcon officials say that the SSG1.5k-1T will work in extreme
temperatures, but the lifespan of the battery will be diminished
significantly, from an expected four years to one or two. But this
UPS will function where others fear to tread. And the battery is
extremely easy to remove and replace in the desktop

The SSG1.5k-1T also complies with the Emergency Power Off
standards which require that all devices in a data center turn off
within one minute of a user hitting an emergency switch. You simply
wire your emergency switch into a green connector on the back of
the unit and when the single server room emergency button is
pressed, the SSG1.5k-1T will override all other commands and shut
itself down.

This unit also supports IPv6, which can be activated or turned
off from the console interface. IPv6 is a lot more secure than IPv4
traffic ' especially with secure point-to-point
communications ' but if you are still using the older
Internet protocols, the SSG1.5k-1T will work just as well.

The one disappointing thing about the SSG1.5k-1T is its price.
At $1,590, it's not going to be something you want to pick up
for your standard office or server room. It's a solid
investment if no normal UPS will work for you because of
temperature swings in your operating environment, but it's
still a bit pricier than we would like to see in a 1.5kVA UPS.

Falcon Electric, 800-842-6940, www. falconups.com

About the Author

John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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