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Any product that can keep people off their cell phones while
driving has promise. Even hands-free calling can be distracting,
and the roads become dangerous when people are dialing or, in
severe death-wish cases, texting.

So Aegis Mobility has come up with DriveAssist, a subscription
service that detects when a phone is moving at automobile speeds
and essentially turns it off. Callers get a message advising them
of that fact and asking them to leave a message. DriveAssist also
uses Global Positioning System or cell-tower signals to let the
caller know where the driver is.

That's fine for drivers, but what if you're a
passenger in a car or taxicab? Or riding a train or bus to work?
The phone is moving, so calls don't go through. The person
sitting next to you might be glad of it, but it seems strange that,
with this service, a mobile device only works when it's not

Of course, the product doesn't seem to be targeted for
everyone. Aegis is marketing DriveAssist mostly to the parents of
teenagers, who certainly could do without distractions while
driving. Adults, on the other hand, know enough to turn off their
phones or just not answer them while driving. Right?

About the Author

Kevin McCaney is a former editor of Defense Systems and GCN.

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