Malware puts DOD on the defensive

Pentagon spokesman Brian Whitman confirmed that the Defense
Department is battling an ongoing malware attack within DOD's
networks. "We are aware of a global virus for which there are some
public alerts, and we've seen some of these on our networks, and we
are taking steps to identify and mitigate the virus," Whitman said
in an official statement Nov. 21.

Last week, Strategic Command's mandated that users of the Global
Information Grid not use removable media to prevent further
spreading of a virus. Wired Magazine's Danger Room blog reported that an Army email alert had
been sent out relaying the instructions from STRATCOM, banning the
use of removable media -- thumb drives, external disks, CDs and
DVDs -- effective immediately. The e-mail indicated a worm, called
Agent.btz, was the cause of the move by STRATCOM and Joint Task
Force-Global Network Operations.

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