Ethernet encryption for sensitive data

SafeNet’s Ethernet Encryptor 10G offers high security across WANs

SafeNet has announced the release of its newest product: the 10-gigabit, line-rated Ethernet Encryptor designed to protect sensitive data on Ethernet circuits.

Ethernet Encryptor 10G provides Federal Information Processing Standard- and Common Criteria-certified security that lets customers in government, the financial sector and telecommunications use all available network bandwidth.

The Ethernet Encryptor tool secures sensitive data more efficiently than higher-layer protocols, thereby lowering the cost of network security and compliance, according to the company.

Ethernet Encryptor could benefit government agencies that transmit large amounts of sensitive data over high-speed Ethernet WANs that link offices, data centers and disaster recovery sites, according to company officials.

“In the current economic environment, [agencies and other organizations] are looking to reduce [the] cost and complexity of compliance,” said Joe Moorcones, corporate vice president at SafeNet. “Fortunately the carriers are providing more Layer 2 network services. Encryption at Layer 2, such as Ethernet, is the superior solution to protecting data in transit over the [WAN]where it can be done with low latency and no additional increase in bandwidth.”

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