Ed Meagher, SRA International

Ed Meagher
Director, Healthcare Strategic Initiatives, SRA International
Former deputy CIO of the Interior Department

Here’s what I think are the most pressing needs of the CIO/CTO community:

  • They must find a way to consolidate and secure their computer networks.
  • They must find a way to build or buy, and implement software solutions more quickly, reliably and cost-assuredly.
  • They must find a way to stop talking about Web 2.0 and start implementing it.
  • They must find a way to manage their data.

So I would suggest they get out of the network business entirely and turn it over to folks who run networks for a living and buy IP packet delivery services securely from them; and decide what their application architecture will be and follow that in all their development efforts.

Web 2.0 is a neat set of capabilities in search of a requirement. They should reverse that, identify the requirements and then select the best tools and technologies to meet the requirements.

Finally, they must begin the long-neglected task of understanding their data, managing their data and treating their data with the care it deserves.

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