Harry Raduege, Deloitte Center for Network Innovation

Harry Raduege
Chairman, Deloitte Center for Network Innovation
Former Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency

1) Expediting cybersecurity improvements with emphasis on data security and privacy, identity access management and enterprise risk management.

2) Defining the right technology solutions and business processes to support the increasing desire for mobile and remote computing.

3) Understanding the efficiency, possibilities and trade-offs of new IT capabilities such as cloud computing, SOA, and Web 2.0.

4) Defining the best applications for and incorporating green IT.

5) Expediting national broadband telecommunications infrastructure upgrades and services. With all the other demands for infrastructure improvements during the Obama Administration, we can’t lose sight of our telecommunications infrastructure improvement needs.

6) Implementing savings through data center consolidations and efficiencies.

7) Establishing improved government IT acquisition policies, procedures and processes. An enduring topic that still requires answers for improving speed and efficiency.

8) Incorporating the benefits of telecommuting –- aka telepresence -- into the workplace.

9) Establishing a baseline and better governance for IT accountability in anticipation of an upcoming Era of Accountability. (With Iraq, Afghanistan, Wall Street, banks and financial institutions, government, and business failures, new requirements for accounting and accountability will emerge).

10) Instituting more effective means and processes for improving public-private partnerships. Industry wants better ways of communicating and working with government.

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