Ohio agency picks up Toughbooks

The Ohio Department of National Resources worked with CDW Government to outfit 300 of the department’s land and water vehicles with Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 laptop PCs. Officers in four divisions — forestry, parks and recreation, watercraft and wildlife — are using the Toughbooks.

Ohio’s DNR owns and manages more than 590,000 acres of land and 120,000 acres of inland bodies of water, and the department needed laptops that are both highly mobile and rugged, CDW-G representatives said.

The outdated devices the department had been using were inadequate, and as a result, officers leaned too much on dispatchers for information. The DNR officers also needed laptops that offer Global Positioning System functionality and are resistant to rain, spills, dust and vibration, CDW-G said. The department also required a notebook with a solid mounting system that could withstand the daily rigors of driving on the highway and off-road

DNR turned to CDW-G’s partner Ledco, which provides rugged computer mounting systems to law enforcement and public safety.

“We were able to test drive a variety of ruggedized mobile computing solutions, exposing the technology to the elements our officers face on a daily basis,” said Dean Bolton, telecommunications manager at DNR. “Our ability to enter date directly into the Toughbooks instead of running information via radio to dispatch has improved operational efficiency for DNR.”

The Toughbook 30 meets Mil-Std 810F specs for ruggedness and has a daylight-readable LCD screen.

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