Audiopoint upgrades Voice Terminal Service

Audiopoint has upgraded its Voice Terminal Service (VTS) for the visually impaired with a calendaring feature. The VTS platform makes Web and e-mail services available on any land-line phone or mobile phone by means of voice commands.

Audiopoint has added a Google Calendar interface to its VTS platform that will let users listen to daily agendas, add detailed events and include a user-recorded audio description of the event. Future releases also will let users modify or cancel existing calendar events via voice command.

VTS lets users with low vision or no vision access the Internet using simple voice commands, and works with any standard telephone without the need for specialized equipment or hardware.

Audiopoint representatives said that its visually impaired customers have identified voice-access to a reliable calendar and scheduling function as the capability they most wanted.

"Our technology makes the capabilities of an iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile phone fully available to individuals with visual impairments," said Brian Lichorowic, president and CEO of Audiopoint. "Using VTS liberates those with vision loss of any degree to be able to use even a small mobile device without any fundamental alterations of any kind required."

VTS is a VoiceXML platform that can run on Linux, Solaris or Windows, with VoIP and SIP connectivity.

Audiopoint is working to make its services fully compliant with Section 508.31 standards.

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