TIBCO makes leap to hardware with messaging appliance

TIBCO Software has announced that it is entering the hardware market with the debut of its Messaging Appliance P-7500.

The P-7500 provides a tenfold increase in both messaging volume of existing software-only messaging systems and the predictability of data flows and performance, as well as a 50 percent reduction in base latency, TIBCO representatives said.

Messaging volume in enterprise IT systems routinely reaches the level of 1 million events per second, according to TIBCO. Some companies already are handling volumes of 5 million events per second, and this volume is expected to increase to 10 million-plus soon.

"The messaging-infrastructure backbone is at its breaking point," said Tom Laffey, executive vice president for products and technology at TIBCO. "Software has reached its limit in ultra-low latency messaging, focusing increasing importance on the hardware ‘plumbing’ to deliver future performance increases."

The appliance is compatible with TIBCO’s Rendezvous messaging software and can give customers a 10-to-1 reduction in the number of servers they need for their messaging infrastructure, the company said.

The P-7500 uses a field-programmable gate array and application-specific integrated circuit technologies. It includes redundant power supplies, fans and other mechanical components to protect against failure. It also adds built-in hardware fault tolerance for better reliability and active-active failover between two appliances, TIBCO representative said.

The appliance is available in three network configurations: 4-1G Ethernet connections, 8-1G Ethernet connections, and 2-10G Ethernet connections. And it’s the same size as a standard 4U server unit.

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