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Considering Macs for the workplace? Be sure to check out GCN's other coverage on this topic:

"Analysts: Apple inches into the workplace": What information technology analysts think of the Apple's recent push into the enterprise.

"Mobile County, Ala., thinks different": How an Alabama district attorney's office deployed Apple.

"Next Up: FDCC for Macs": The Army prepares a version of the Federal Desktop Core Configuration for Macs.

"EDS cooks up fix for NMCI's Mac users": The chief technology officer for EDS works up a way for Mac users to access the Navy Marine Corps Intranet.

"Apple Security: Myth or magic?": Apple enthusiasts like to boast that their machines are more secure than Microsoft Windows computers. But is it true?

"Macs look to the workplace": A consortium of companies offers Windows administrator tools for managing Macs.

"Almost ready to fly": The GCN Lab finds the latest MacBook Air is fast and light, but missing a few features.

"GCN lab review: Apple iMac": The pros and cons of using an Apple iMac.

"iPhone 3G ready for government service": The Apple iPhone could be ready for official use, advises the GCN Lab.

"Beyond merely functional IT": Should government procurements consider more than just the bottom line? Apple makes the case.

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