White House pulls plug on YouTube

Privacy complaints force a change in plans

Complaints by privacy activists have led the White House to drop YouTube as the supplier of embedded videos on, according to CNET news. Instead, the Obama administration will use its own Flash-based solution for video programming.

The decision came following growing criticism of Google-owned YouTube's use of tracking cookies.

The White House counsel recently issued a waiver to the long-held no-cookie presumption of privacy for visitors to the White House Web site, a decision challenged by privacy groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The new White House video solution, which appears to use Akamai’s content delivery network, does not make use of tracking cookies, CNET said.

Obama’s technology team, widely praised for running the most technologically advanced presidential campaign in history, is finding it more difficult to adapt the model to government, according to the Washington Post. The bureaucracy surrounding security and privacy rules is only one of the problems.

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