Dell unveils a new rugged laptop, the E6400 XFR

Dell unveiled the Latitude E6400 XFR today, the company's second foray into the rugged laptop market. The first was the Latitude XFR D630, which the company introduced about a year ago.

Starting at $4,299, the E6400 XFR uses what Dell calls its Ballistic Armor Protection System, which covers the chassis with a polymer and not the magnesium alloy that most rugged laptops use, Dell representatives said. The same material is frequently used in medical devices, said Jeremy Bolen, a Dell spokesman.

The 8.5-pound laptop can be dropped from four feet with the power off and still function, Bolen said. Most other products in this category are functional after a three-foot drop. A version equipped with a solid-state drive can be dropped from three feet with the power on and still be fully functional, he said.

Designed to meet and exceed Mil-Std 810F standards, the E6400 XFR "has brains as well as brawn," the company said in a statement. It uses Intel Core 2 Duo processors and a quadCool thermal management system. The quadCool system seals the heat from the rest of the unit and releases it through a pipe, Bolen said.

The E6400 XFR also has seals over ports and sockets to deny entry to dust, and it can withstand torrential rain, Dell said.

The 14.1-inch screen uses DirectVue technology, which increases backlighting and reduces reflectivity, the company said.

E6400 XFR users can mount it on a vehicle, which is important to the target market of military and first responders, Dell representatives said.

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