GD Itronix GD8000 rugged laptop PC is lighter, brighter

General Dynamics Itronix today released its GD8000 rugged laptop for sale to military personnel, field service workers and first responders.

This is the second generation of the GoBook XR-1, said Tim Hill, product-marketing manager for General Dynamics Itronix.

The company met with public safety officials who said they wanted their next rugged laptop to be lighter, with a display they can see outdoors in the sunlight, and a better industrial design, “not like a Sherman tank,” Hill said.

The resulting product, the GD8000, weighs 6.9 pounds and has a 13.3-inch DynaVue touchscreen display that users could even see “poolside,” if they so chose, Hill said. A fully equipped version weighs 7.9 pounds.

The GD8000 is designed to operate in extreme conditions, meeting Mil-Std 810F requirements, including a drop test from 42 inches, with 26 drops per unit, and a capability to withstand 30 gallons of water blown at 40 mph over four hours while the unit is turned on. The company also uses a vibration test that simulates helicopter transports, Hill said.

The laptop also offers an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 120G hard drive, integrated GPS and wireless connectivity with WiFi and optional high-powered wireless local-area network and Bluetooth, and a 10-hour battery, the company said.

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