2009 GCN Best of FOSE judging slide show

Photos by Emily Barnes; captions by GCN Lab Director John Breeden II

GCN Lab Director and chief justice for the GCN Best New Technology at FOSE contest John Breeden II lays out the ground rules for the 2009 judges meeting. Judges will present their findings and recommendations to the full committee, and then have the winners in each category voted on by the full assembly.

GCN Senior Writer Bill Jackson passionately argues why one product should beat out another one for the top position in a category.

GCN Digital Product Manager and first-year judge William Winton gives a counter opinion to Jackson’s proposal. It may be up to the full assembly to break the impasse.

GCN Senior Technology Editor Rutrell Yasin appeals for calm as the debate heats up to a crescendo.

GCN Technology Analyst Greg Crowe does not know which way he will vote. Both products have merit in the federal space, he says.

The assembly of judges vote, and the matter is decided, by a one-vote margin.

GCN Senior Writer Patrick Marshall explains why a new product should be considered for a top award in a category.

GCN Senior Technology Editor Joab Jackson strongly disagrees, making a fist to show emphasis to his point. He thinks another product should win.

GCN Lab Director Breeden listens intently to both points, and then calls for a vote.

The result of the vote is a tie! Breeden considers all options as the meeting drags into its second hour.

The debate over the impasse continues.

Jackson threatens to change his vote, to break the tie.

But when he does, there is a surprise! GCN Senior Writer Trudy Walsh also flips hers, bringing the committee back into an impasse as the shocked assembly looks on.

The committee is still stunned by Walsh’s reversal.

Marshall explains why Jackson can’t change his mind.

Yasin would like to break the tie, but remains firmly backing the original product, which he says is perfect for government.

Breeden makes a proclamation, declaring that there will be two winners in the ubiquitous Other category. Thus, the great debate is brought to a close.

In all, the committee awarded fifteen deserving products awards, out of over 100 that were submitted for the GCN Best New Technology at FOSE contest.

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