Sun announces Nehalem-based servers

Sun Microsystems today announced several new products under its Open Network Systems initiative, along with a new family of flash-ready servers that have greater performance than earlier versions.

The company is offering the Sun Constellation System, a combination of the new dual-node Sun Blade X6275 server module powered by Intel’s new Xeon 5500 processor series, the Sun Blade 6048 Quad Data Rate InfiniBand Network Express Module, the Sun Blade 6048 chassis, the Sun Cooling Door, the Lustre file system and Sun Storage portfolio.

Sun also unveiled a line of Flash-ready x64 blade servers, rack servers and workstations powered by the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, also known as Nehalem EP chips. The dual-node Sun Blade X6275 server module is the first blade server to support onboard quad-data-rate InfiniBand for improved network performance, efficiency and ease of use, the company said.

Each Sun Blade X6275 server module has two full-function compute nodes, each with two quad-core Xeon processor 550 series CPUs, containing 96G high-speed memory, optional Sun Flash Modules and optional PCIe ExpressModule input/output. The same blades can run compute-intensive, memory-intensive or I/O-intensive applications, so users can use a single Sun cluster system for all their HPC work, the company said.

The Blade x6275 server module supports 96 nodes of two-socket, quad-core CPUs per node, which results in 768 CPU cores and nine teraflops of performance in a 42U rack, Sun said.

Sun’s new Cooling Doors offer six times more efficient rack cooling than ordinary data center cooling systems, the company said. These are available as either sun Cooling Door 5200, which uses existing chilled-water infrastructure, or the Sun Cooling Door 5600, which uses eco-friendly refrigerant gas.

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