Google debuts powerful search appliance

Google Search Appliance 6.0 lets users link appliances to create more powerful enterprise search capabilities

Google today unveiled the latest edition of the Google Search Appliance, GSA 6.0, featuring a new architecture that can greatly increase an organization’s search capabilities.

The GSA 6.0 can search billions of documents by connecting multiple GSAs, the company said. The new servers can be linked together, increasing the GSA 6.0’s indexing capacity of 30 million to as many as a billion. A video on the Google Web site shows how a few racks of GSAs that can fit into a corner of Google’s break room can host a search index as big as Google’s entire Web index in the year 2000. The GSAs don’t have to be in the same data center either, said Aviva Gilbert, a Google spokeswoman. They can be separated by thousands of miles and users can still get a unified set of search results, she said.

The new appliance uses Google’s more powerful GB-7007 architecture. Customers with huge quantities of documents can also get a new model, the GB-9009, which is built on the Dell PowerEdge R710 platform and powered by Intel Xeon 5500 Series processors.

“With the GSA 6.0, it’s easy for companies to give all employees the powerful Google search experience inside their business — even if they are searching among billions of documents in dispersed intranets, data stores, languages or geographies,” said Dave Girouard, president of Google Enterprise. “With the improved architecture and software for the search appliance, global businesses can provide secure search across the largest enterprise content repositories — with one GSA system that can scale to billions of documents without limits.”

Government agencies, with their vast amounts of documents, could particularly benefit from the indexing powers of the GSA 6.0, Gilbert said. All 15 cabinet departments use Google technology to power the search on their public Web sites or intranets, Gilbert said.

NASA, a user of the GSA, has multiple centers and complex intranets, said David Valliere, CEO of eTouch, a search integrator for NASA. The GSA 6.0 can search each center intranet autonomously, while giving results that are easy for employees to navigate, he said.

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