Polaris Wireless offers high-accuracy, mass-intercept location software

Polaris Wireless has released a high-accuracy, mass-intercept location application that pinpoints the precise location of all mobile devices in a network to accuracy within 50 meters.

The Polaris software uses Polaris Wireless Location Signatures (WLS) technology to quickly determine handset location. Like a fingerprint’s pattern of lines and swirls, a location can be identified by a unique set of values including measurements of neighboring cell-signal strengths, time delays and other network parameters.

The Polaris WLS solution collects this information and uses it to match incoming signals to an extensive database of values to determine accurate handset location — regardless of the type of environment, company officials said.

The technology will enable intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to locate millions of handsets in real time or for a period of time in the past.

“Most intelligence and law-enforcement agencies already have the capability to intercept wireless communications during criminal investigations but lack the ability to accurately track the locations of handsets sending and receiving transmissions, or map wireless activity on a mass scale,” said Manlio Allegra, president and chief executive officer of Polaris Wireless.

Working within the local laws of individual countries, high-accuracy, mass-intercept location technology lets law enforcement agencies analyze wireless activity before, during and after an event.

For example, if a bomb goes off in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area, law enforcement would be able to identify and analyze wireless activity just before the bomb went off, and then track the movements of the handsets that sent and received transmissions in the immediate aftermath, Polaris officials said.

Using this information to map wireless activity around the blast zone, responding personnel would be better equipped to identify and apprehend the suspects before they flee.

Polaris Wireless is also working on adding advanced analytical techniques to its high-accuracy, mass-intercept location software. The advanced analytics, in conjunction with high-accuracy software will help narrow suspect lists and eliminate false leads, officials said.

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Rutrell Yasin is is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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