The power of DOE's patents

The Energy Department's 17 research laboratories have always been wellsprings of new ideas. And thanks to technology transfer efforts, private industry has licensed the labs' research findings, which boosts the economy and generates patent royalties for DOE. In 2008, laboratory patents brought in almost $44 million, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

The top five patent-licensing labs last year were:

Lab     Patents
Brookhaven   498 $9.5 million
Los Alamos 187 $1.5 million
Sandia 164 $3.5 million
Lawrence Livermore 108 $9.4 million
Argonne  88 $3.9 million

Source: GAO’s "Technology Transfer: Clearer Priorities and Greater Use of Innovative Approaches Could Increase the Effectiveness of Technology Transfer at Department of Energy Laboratories”

About the Author

Joab Jackson is the senior technology editor for Government Computer News.

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