By the numbers: Solid state vs. enterprise class hard drives

Cost per gigabyte*
Hard drive:
Solid state: $21.71

Mean time between failures**
Hard drive:
300,000-1.2 million hours
Solid state: 2 million hours

In this report:

The bottom line on solid state drives
Solid-state drives eventually will change the IT and physical architectures of most storage systems

Average input/output operations per second ***
Hard drive:
As much as 2,152 megabits/sec
Solid state: As much as 11,718 megabits/sec

*Based on average price of an HP Integrity 146G 10k SAS Drive ($235) and the price of Intel X-25E Extreme SSD 32G SATA drive ($695)

**Industry estimates

***Based on benchmarks conducted by Tom's Hardware for use in a Web server-styled workload (,3.html)

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Joab Jackson is the senior technology editor for Government Computer News.

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