Red Condor Hosted Service

The Red Condor offers a comprehensive system that inspects all incoming and outgoing network traffic for bugs and malware

Performance: A
Features: B-
Ease of use: A
Value: A
Price: $20-$30 per node for one year and five licenses

An alternative to using the big software giants of antivirus and network security is to opt for hosted network security, such as that from Red Condor Hosted Service. A good way to understand hosted services is to think of them as an outsourcing alternative to doing all the work yourself of purchasing and installing a complex software suite.

Red Condor does a good job of this by providing a comprehensive system that inspects all incoming and outgoing network traffic for bugs and malware.

Red Condor’s Adaptive Threat Detection technology provides a layered protection from denial-of-service and other e-mail service attacks. Combined with a real-time analysis of evolving e-mail threats, these two features stop most abusive e-mail attacks and block spam before they enter your network. The real advantage of this kind of network security is that if something does go wrong it will affect Red Condor before it enters your network. And in case something does get through, Condor offers disaster recovery protection for as long as 96 hours.

The one added feature we would like to see from Red Condor is a fully hosted e-mail service, removing the need for an e-mail server altogether. This is often an ideal situation for smaller agencies. That way you know you have e-mail, including storage and security, for a fixed price per client or user, and you’ll never need to hire a dedicated administrator force to maintain a Microsoft Exchange server.

Another minus to this system of network security management is that you are left at the whim of a third-party company. That means that many of the latest bells and whistles are not always available. But for roughly $20 -$30 per node for one year and five licenses, that might not be a bad alternative for your agency.

Red Condor, 707-569-7419; www.redcondor.com

About the Author

Carlos A. Soto is a former GCN Lab technology analyst.

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