Trend Micro Version 6.0 Advanced

This small, robust piece of software is almost completely automated

Performance: A
Features: B+
Ease of use: A+
Value: B+
Price: $37.75 for a two- to 25-client network

If you’re looking for a scalable antivirus solution tailored for zero to 100 clients that also can grow with your agency, I would look no further than the Worry-Free Business Security by Trend Micro. It’s a solid performer in terms of stopping bugs that are trying to infiltrate your network. And it comes with a standard set of features, such as InterScan Messaging Hosted Security, which adds additional spam protection for your Exchange Server.

A feature that distinguishes this program from its competitors is the ability to install one version to each Microsoft Exchange Server to scale it to your network.

Another unique feature about WFBS Advanced is its integrated in-the-cloud Web Reputation Services. This technology stops Web threats before they reach your agency by prescreening them before they enter your network. This in-the-cloud technology also translates to the data level with File Reputation Services and the malware level with in-the-cloud anti-malware. Because all scanning and screening occurs externally, you never need to scan and remediate at the local machine level, which clears space and bandwidth while also saving a lot of network administration time.

Worry-Free Business Security Advanced also adds in-the-cloud E-mail Reputation Services, which checks incoming IP addresses to increase e-mail protection for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and Exchange servers.

The heart of WFBS is the Security Server. The server software installs and hosts the centralized WFBS Web Console for the entire WFBS solution, including the Security Agents for the client computers on your network. This creates a client/server relationship that provides 24-hour protection from spam, malware and viruses that administrators can manage from a central location. This centralized location gives admins the ability to view security status information, configure the system security, download and update components, and store logs on the database and the client computers.

The best feature is the product's easy-to-understand consoles and intuitive interface. WFBS was designed for offices or agencies that have few or no network administrators or bare-bones IT support. Trend Micro engineered this small, robust piece of software to be almost completely automated.

For example, the Vulnerability Notifying Scan lets someone who is responsible for the office security system do a full network check and remediation with the click of a button. That person also can easily read the results in a chart that anyone with a home antivirus solution will relate to. The jargon and flash is kept at a minimal and the effectiveness at a maximum.

Trend Micro,.800-228-565, www.trendmicro.com

About the Author

Carlos A. Soto is a former GCN Lab technology analyst.

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