Nvidia adds power to desktops

The company is partnering with Cyviz centers for collaborative visualization projects

Nvidia, inventor of the graphics processing unit, is introducing plug-and-play systems featuring two Quadro FX 5800 GPUs and 8G of memory, the company said. Nvidia also has announced that it is partnering with Cyviz technology centers so that users can more easily work on high-end collaborative visualization projects using display wall technologies.

Nvidia’s visual-computing platforms power a multitude of high-resolution collaboration environments, including visualization walls and network operations centers.

By connecting two Quadro Plex systems to a single workstation, users can view images at a resolution of 36 megapixels, view a display across two 4K projectors and power stereoscopic 3D content, Nvidia said. Combining the company’s Tesla computing board with the Quadro Plex can put a teraflop of processing power on a desktop, said Justin Boitano, senior product manager for Nvidia.

In a related move, the company has partnered with Cyviz technology centers so that users can easily collaborate on visualization projects using display wall technologies. Cyviz runs technology centers in Stavenger, Norway, Dubai, Houston and, most recently, in Washington, D.C. Cluster walls powered by Quadro Plex systems can give users an immersive, collaborative 3D view, which enables the powerful visualization needed for technical work in medicine, defense, energy, aerospace and manufacturing. Visitors to the center can add or subtract projectors to the display walls “like Legos,” said Jeff Eisenhard, a vice president of Cyviz.

Nvidia GPUs have been used in data-intensive applications for NASA such as the Mars Rover images. The visual platform also drives the Hayden Planetarium shows.

For more information, visit the Nvidia and Cyviz Web sites.

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