Omni-ID extends reach of passive RFID

Tags work in hard environments, far-flung geographic regions

Omni-ID has announced a suite of new radio frequency identification products targeted at the defense, transportation and manufacturing industries.

The Omni-ID Ultra, OmniID Max HD and Omni-ID Max Pro RFID tags are designed to work in harsh environments and near metals and liquids. Omni-ID has developed technology that has overcome some of the limitations of passive RFID, the company said.

Unlike active RFID technology, passive RFID does not rely on batteries to transmit information, thereby reducing the cost of the tags, said Tom Pavela, CEO of Omni-ID. The drawback to passive RFID in the past has been that the technology had a shorter read range than active RFID. "If you could get a passive tag to read 50 feet, that would be great," Pavela said. By contrast, the Omni-ID Ultra has a read range of more than 100 feet, Pavela said.

The Omni-ID RFID products are also engineered to work in all geographic regions, Pavela said. "Sometimes vehicles get loaded in the U.S. and unloaded in Asia," he said. Asian countries use different readers and frequencies and sometimes can't read U.S. equipment, but the Omni-ID products have a tag that works well in U.S. or Asian settings, he said.

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