TechGuard announces new security appliances

PoliWall products can filter by country, subnets or specific addresses

TechGuard Security today announced that it is extending its line of PoliWall security appliances. The new line expands on the PoliWall Q security bridge, which was built on PoliWall’s country and IP filtering, using the company’s High-speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection Engine filters.

PoliWall ESE lets users filter millions of global address, enabling organizations to block entire countries, IP subnets, ranges or specific IP addresses, TechGuard said. PoliWall’s geographic HIPPIE filtering lets users “stop a country with a click,” said Suzanne Magee, president and CEO of TechGuard Security.

The device sits in front of an organization’s firewall and is IPv6 compatible, Magee said. PoliWall uses an intuitive graphical interface that lets users block traffic from particular countries. Users can set a throttle that would set bandwidth limits for traffic from North Korea, for instance, preventing a denial of service attack, Magee said.

The PoliWall ESE appliances feature a streamlined user interface to manage inbound and outbound filters, authentication and access rules.

The new PoliWall products include Data Center PoliWall ESE, which allows for up to 10 million concurrent network connections; Enterprise PoliWall ESE, which allows a million concurrent network connections; and Standard PoliWall ESE, which allows 64,000 concurrent network connections.

The PoliWall ESE products incorporate technology that was developed in part by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Advanced Technology Program and the Army, TechGuard representatives said.

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