Kylie, you forgot the GCN Lab!

Was the GCN Lab not cuddly enough for the Windows 7 commercial?

In Microsoft’s Window 7 commercials, adorable 4-year-old Kylie shows off a slideshow she makes out of quotes from computer reviewers about the new operating system.

“These happy words just keep on coming,” she smiles.

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Cute bunnies, puppies and sea creatures seem to be saying the quotes in cartoon bubbles.

“The operating system that both Microsoft and its consumers…have been waiting for,” say two kittens in dapper hats, representing CNET.

“Every computer pro I’ve talked to…loves the software,” says the Seattle Times in the form of a winged bunny and a puppy.

But Kylie, you forgot us! Where’s GCN? Why don’t we get a slide? Are government IT users not cute enough for your slideshow?

For your next slideshow, Kylie, here are some quotes you can use from the GCN Lab’s test of the beta version of Windows 7 that ran this summer, as well as some ideas for the kinds of adorable baby animals you can use to represent the GCN Lab:

“A significant improvement,” says a cuddly koala bear wearing a lab coat.

“A more modern and easy-to-use operating system,” says a baby panda with safety goggles.

“Finds performance gains over XP, Vista — and Windows 98,” purrs a chipmunk holding a benchmarking disk.

Check back to gcn.com on Oct. 22 when GCN Lab director John Breeden will post his full review of Windows 7. We can’t guarantee you any “happy” quotes, Kylie, but rest assured we’ll be thorough.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.


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