Honorable Mentions: 10 projects worth watching

GCN Awards Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) – Chief Technology Office
Project: Forge.mil
Forge.mil provides the first open-source community environment tailored to meet the requirements of the Defense Department. Nearly 2,000 developers have moved dozens of projects to Forge.mil, taking advantage of version control and bug-tracking tools and document and certification repositories. Forge.mil will ultimately save developers and DOD millions of dollars and increase productivity.

City of Bremerton, Wash. – Information Services for Pawn Shop Records
Project: Records Search
The City of Bremerton has created a low-cost common database, using open-source software on virtual machines, to capture required pawn shop records. The database significantly improves the ability of detectives to review and query records, spot potential clues and saves city employees time to focus on more important cases.

Department of Defense-Health Affairs/Defense Health Information System -- Theater Medical Information Program of Family Systems
Project: AHLTA-Mobile and AHLTA-Theater project
The AHLTA-Mobile and AHLTA-Theater (Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Applications) projects provide service members continuous care documentation from point of injury to the military treatment facility or to Veterans Affairs Polytrauma Centers. The projects have improved documentation of diagnosis and treatment -- and patient care -- associated with more than 2.4 million patient encounters and 27,000 care providers.

National Institutes of Health, Health and Human Services  Department – Office of Extramural Research for the Research Portfolio
Project: Online Reporting Tool (RePORT)
RePORT provides a publicly-accessible electronic system for searching NIH-funded research projects and supplies information on relevant literature and patents that result from that research.

Veterans Affairs Department -- Office of Information Protection and Risk Management, Network and Security Operations Center
Project: Remote Enterprise Security Compliance Update Environment (RESCUE)
Designed to support the VA during natural disasters or potential pandemics, RESCUE provides VA employees with 24-hour remote access to the VA network that is secure from malware, viruses, malicious attacks and cyber terrorism, ensuring support to more than 23 million veterans and 45 million beneficiaries.

Jefferson County, Ala. - Program Management Office /Department of Information Technology
Project: Web Content Management System
The Web project positioned Jefferson County to become the primary resource for all county communication, service delivery and information. The project effectively made a large majority of pre-Internet procedures and processes obsolete.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) -- Program Executive Office for Information Assurance and Network Operations
Project: Enterprise Collaborative Operational Sensor (ECOS)
DISA’s ECOS project permits the secure transfer of extremely large amounts of information at wire speed to support interagency and intragency collaboration needs while at the same time rendering unauthorized intrusions and internal network sabotage more difficult, if not impossible.

U.S. Army – Chief Marketing Officer for the Army Experience Center
Project: Recruiting Pilot
The Army’s pilot Experience Center program allows prospective recruits to undergo simulated experiences of an Army soldier in a casual and non-threatening environment while allowing recruiters to interact with candidates in an open environment that provides a more accurate view of life in the military and careers available. The AEC replaces five smaller recruitment stations at about the same annual operating cost.

National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, FBI -– ViCap Unit
Project: Violent Criminal Apprehension Program - ViCAP Web
ViCAP allows all agencies in the country direct access to the national database of violent crimes so they can input and retrieve information instantly, search for similar cases, and update their own investigative data. Each added case is continually compared against other cases housed in the database which is helping authorities to identify related links between cases and generate new investigative leads.

Florida 20th Judicial Circuit – Lee County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department
Project: Integration of the Metatomix Active Warrant Alert Calendar System
This project allowed the Sheriff’s Office and the 20th Judicial Circuit to access critical risk information in a timely manner for subjects scheduled to appear in court. It has made a significant effect in keeping dangerous criminals off the streets by providing the judicial system essential information to make better informed, more timely decisions.

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