A boy, a dog and embedded references to Windows 7

"Commercial-free' Family Guy TV show will be branded by the new OS

On Nov. 8, the Fox Network’s usual Sunday Night "Animation Domination" lineup will have a twist. The Family Guy cartoon show will air without commercial interruption. But there’s a catch: The show will feature embedded references to Microsoft’s Windows 7, what a Microsoft press release calls “unique Windows 7-branded programming that blends seamlessly with show content.”

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Microsoft is offering a foretaste of the show on YouTube. In this clip, Brian and Stewie discuss Windows 7. It’s a rehash of one of their classic bits, where Stewie peppers Brian with a series of questions, his voice getting higher and higher with each question. Only this time Brian does the asking.

Stewie is working on Brian’s laptop, “putting Windows 7 through its paces.”

Brian asks, “Oh, you uh, recording your favorite programs on the DVR? You, uh, organizing your photos in the media center? Personalizing the gadgets on your desktop? Using the Aero Shake? Easily switching between programs with the user friendly interface?”

With each question, Brian’s normally mellifluous voice gets higher, until by the end he sounds a little like Kermit the Frog.

Stewie ignores him and keeps typing. “Okay, I just twittered,” Stewie says. “Look, look, see, I said, 'I am twittering.' Check it out.”

Now explain to me again how this is commercial free?

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