How low can Windows 7 price go?

Think globally and you’ll be able to save a bundle on the new OS

 It seems that I’ve become the GCN Lab version of Jack Benny, the notorious cheapskate, always looking for a way to save a buck, a couple of simoleons, some cheddar, a few benjamins.

Whenever there’s a new operating system — heck, whenever there’s a new anything — my first thought is always, what’ll it cost me? And how can I get the best deal? So I shopped around a little for some Windows 7 deals, and lemme tell ya, there’s quite a few out there.

In addition to the $150 pirated version from eBay the GCN Lab has been following here, I found a bootleg version in Shanghai that sells for 20 Yuan — less than three dollars. And now, even a legit copy of Windows 7 Home Basic in China will sell for 399 Yuan, around $58. I just need to brush up my Mandarin a little and I’m so there.

Keeping with the Asian theme, our friends in India can get a copy of the home version for 5,899 rupees ,or about $126, or 11,799 rupees for the Ultimate version, about $254.

Or if I had gone undercover and given a Windows 7 launch party, like the plucky folks at PC Pro  did, I could have won a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, valued at $319. But this copy was signed by Steve Ballmer, which made it, as they say in the credit card commercials, priceless. But no, I had to go and mock the launch parties, so no free signed copies for me.

Bargain hunter that I am, I’ll most likely wait to buy a new laptop that comes loaded with Windows 7. The wait won’t be too long, because I’ve squeezed every viable second out of what’s left of the Compaq Presario I use for telecommuting. So now I’ll have to span the globe looking for a cheap, sturdy laptop. I’ll wear out my passport if I have to; I just won’t pay full price.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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