TwitterPeek: Any point?

Not really.

Many government agencies are learning about the potential good that can come from having a presence on social media sites such as Twitter. Although there are risks in the form of fake user accounts among other things, it is a great way to disseminate information to the public and thus increase transparency.

Now Peek is following up on the success of its personal mobile e-mail device to bring us the TwitterPeek, a dedicated Twitter appliance.

You heard me correctly. They have made a gadget that connects to the Internet like any other mobile device, but it can do nothing but Twitter. If you still don’t believe me, you can check out their sales site.

It is targeted at users who don’t yet have a smart phone and whose need to tweet is so great that they can’t wait to get back to a computer. The company claims it is cheaper than a smart phone, and although that is strictly true, it doesn't take into account the purchase prices and service fees of all of the dedicated devices you may need instead of a smart phone.

Besides, I think this is a sort of technological regression. Do we really need to go back to the days where we had to have a different gadget for everything we did? All the Dilberts of the world went around wearing huge utility belts to hold all of their gadgets. And then manufacturers started to combine gadgets when the technology allowed because that is what progress is supposed to do: make life easier on us.

And now we have gadgets coming out with dedicated functions, and we are expected to buy them all? Well, I tell you one thing — I am not putting on that darn utility belt ever again!

About the Author

Greg Crowe is a former GCN staff writer who covered mobile technology.

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