Vordel brokers cloud services

New tool manages cloud services across domains

Vordel has announced the release of the Vordel Cloud Service Broker, a tool for aggregating and managing services in public, private and community cloud-computing domains.

The Vordel product registers services from all three domains in a single repository, so users can monitor, manage and enforce policies between the three domains.

"Trust is a major barrier to cloud adoption, particularly among enterprises," said Vic Morris, Vordel's chief executive officer. Organizations see the value of cloud computing, but they have concerns about the reliability and performance of cloud services outside their control, he said. "The Vordel Cloud Service Broker addresses these issues by providing a trustworthy and reliable on-ramp to cloud services, allowing businesses to monitor and manage them in the same fashion as their own internal services."

The product has a multidomain registry repository that aggregates services across domains, including not only cloud providers such as Amazon and Google but also local on-premises service and business partner services.

The Vordel Cloud Service Broker also provides an independent audit trail of cloud service usage. Other features the service offers include content analysis, caching and traffic throttling, which the company called the surge protector of cloud computing.

For more information, visit the Vordel Web site.

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Trudy Walsh is a senior writer for GCN.

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