6 villains of Gov 2.0

And how to spot them

Do you know a Dr. Closed Mind? An Information Sucker?

Steve Radick, a Booz Allen Hamilton associate and author of the blog Social Media Strategery, has identified "Six Villains of Gov 2.0" in a recent post.

Radick describes his villains as archetypes. For example, "Captain Conservative," who "is often supportive of the Gov 2.0 Heroes, [but] lives by the mantra of 'always ask for permission first or you may get fired.'"

Or consider "The Silo," who is "known for his ability to protect sandboxes with a maniacal sense of urgency. The Silo always considers himself and his team unique, and has an almost paranoid fear that everyone else has the worst intentions in mind.  By keeping a stranglehold on his data and his team, The Silo has the ability to set the precedent that sharing data is optional, poisoning an entire organization’s thinking.  Ironically, The Silo is often an outspoken advocate of collaborative tools … as long as he gets final say over who’s collaborating with whom."

Read Radick's full entry here, and then tell us whether you agree, disagree, have types to add ... or maybe you are one of those types. If you see yourself in any of Radick's vignettes, we'd like to hear about that too. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Reader Comments

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

Mr. Radick forgot one villain that I'm sure he'll recognize: the "Snake Oil Salesman:" an overpriced, under-worked "strategist" employed by "Big Management Consulting Company, Inc.," who glibly throws around the latest buzz words and writes pretentious blog posts to lure gullible Federal CIOs into giving him large quantities of billable hours for little or no tangible value.

Tue, Jul 13, 2010 xruling

Great to see the name-calling-to-neutralize-the-credibility-of-diversity strategy taught by Democrats and Republicans has been adopted in the professional ranks. At least this is bea step up from the well-worn "you don't get it" insult. "Dr. Closed Mind?" Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! sheesh!

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