NIPRnet Globe Services at a glance

2010 GCN AwardsOrganization: Army Product Director Transportation Information Systems, Product Manager Joint-Automatic Identification Technology, Army Corps of Engineers' Engineer Research and Development Center.

Project: Unclassified but Sensitive IP Router Network Globe Services (NGS).

Challenge: Develop a method to aggregate map and planning data that would let warfighters more easily track supplies and plan convoy routes.

Solution: NGS uses Google Earth technology to provide an intuitive and customizable tool that Defense Department personnel can use to plan routes, track cargo and share data in a common operating picture across echelons, commands, and state and local government levels.

Impact: About 6,500 people are using NGS across DOD. Army personnel at major commands, such as the Northern Command, make up the majority of users, but NGS is available to all military services.

Cost: The project, a joint venture of three Army divisions, cost $4 million.

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